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We Are Passionate About Serving Others

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We are a women's ministry located in Vero Beach, FL. Our mission is to lead women who have suffered the tragedy and trauma of abortion to a place of healing, so they can share their secret and what God has done in their lives. They can become a voice for the unborn and help set others free to serve God.


We facilitate Bible studies that assist women in getting out from under darkness and silence due to the secrecy and shame of past abortions.


We serve God by helping to lead women into His love and lightequipping and empowering them to use their voices in highlighting the devastating effects of abortion, and to help save the lives of the unborn. God continues to present opportunities for women who chose abortion in their past to now defend the unborn and to know there is help and freedom available for them in His loving arms.

The healing journey begins with Surrendering the Secret (STS), written by Pat Layton. This powerful, biblically based 8-week study is taught by the Light Group of Vero Beach, FL — leading women to a place of surrendering to God and receiving His healing, which results in the joyful hope of seeing their child one day in heaven.

When women complete the STS study in Vero Beach, they can opt to join the Light Group to help grow in an even deeper relationship with God. The Light Group walks with them to continue in receiving healing and equipping from the Lord, in order to serve other organizations and churches. The Light Group uses a biblical "workers for the field" approach for a broader outreach with other post-abortive ministries, enabling them to serve wherever He is sending them. 

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The healing journey continues with The Next Stepwritten by Light Group founder Jane Meeks. This 7-week biblically based study is a compatible sequel to Surrendering the Secret and Forgiven and Set Free, which aims to facilitate women with newfound healing to a place of purpose and direction, so that they may help other women like themselves to also find freedom in God's awe-inspiring love. 

The dream and vision of the Light Group of Vero Beach is to help initiate the creation and birth of more Light Groups across the country, sparking the light of God in the hearts of post-abortive women the nation over. We will come together, not as broken women, but as women who are healed, and shine our light upon others to show them that the Lord is here. He is with us, and He is with our unborn children lost to abortion.

Conservative estimates claim that 43% of women of childbearing age have experienced an abortion. They are your sisters, mothers, wives, and friends, and they carry an incredible burden while wearing a smile on their face. Many struggle for years with repressed memories, guilt, shame and depression. Most women feel they are not allowed to talk about their abortion experience because it was their "choice." The fact is, many women who have had an abortion also experience symptoms of post-abortion trauma. They may not realize that these symptoms are directly related to their past abortion. Often the medical, professional counseling, and pastoral communities overlook abortion as a risk factor in a woman's physical and emotional health. If you have never shared or been counseled regarding your abortion experience, it may be affecting your current quality of life. Surrendering the Secret offers a safe place to talk with other women who understand. Join us in the journey towards healing and restoration.

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