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"Light Group is a place where I am accepted, loved and encouraged. Being a Christ-centered group helps me to want to serve God in pro-life endeavors and helping raise up other leaders for Surrendering the Secret. My life is meaningful because of this."

-AB, Light Group Member

"I am a post-abortive woman of faith who suffered the tragedy of multiple abortions. Recently, the Lord led me to Surrendering the Secret Bible Study. I received much healing during the eight weeks we studied together. The Holy Spirit was so very evident and powerful each week! I am deeply thankful for the women who prayed us through the Bible Study. And I'm also deeply grateful to the leaders who poured onto us so much support, encouragement, grace, mercy, generosity, and unconditional love."

-SD, Light Group Member

"I entered Surrendering the Secret with the expectancy of simply learning in order to help others. After all, I had been through extensive counseling for this very thing. I was not prepared for the incredible journey I would travel with other women who had also had abortions. I was able to recognize and resolve anger and grief, unaware that they still existed. Through God's word, great leaders and fellowship, I was set free from bondage and darkness of the aftermath of abortion. I was able to give my babies dignity and identity as God provided me with direction and insight. I then surrendered them back to God with the heart knowledge that one day I will meet them in Heaven.

Please don't miss this opportunity for life changing freedom.

-DG, Light Group Member

"Through Light Group Ministries, I was able to let go of all my guilt from my abortion. I went through the Surrendering the Secret Bible Study, facilitated by Denise and Leslie, which immensely helped me to understand that God had forgiven me. HE also let me know that Stephen, my aborted son, is thriving in Heaven. I am currently taking The Next Step which is continuing my healing. I look forward to the weekly meetings with my Sisters in Christ."

-GL, Light Group Member

“I was a teenager when I had an abortion. I was dating my first serious boyfriend. When I found out I was pregnant I was so scared so I went to my mom. She told me I had to get an abortion. At the time I thought it was ok because it was mom’s decision, and she was the one who always took care of me. She knew what to do, she knew what was best. But then I had the abortion and it was a horrible experience. I just laid there on the table as I could hear the machines sucking the life out of me—sucking my baby out of me, and I just cried silently while the nurse tightly held my hand and said it would be over soon. But after they sent me home that day, it was never really over. My life quickly turned into a downward spiral. The pain of what I had done to my baby haunted me for years to come. I began doing drugs, became more promiscuous. I ended up having a 2nd abortion which only weeks later I attempted suicide which put me in the ICU for 3 days. After that I became an alcoholic for the next 18 years. I never thought the nightmare would end until I found Light Group Ministries. 

They took me in under their wings and made me feel like a long lost sister. I went through the healing program and although it was hard, and I didn’t believe it at first that I could be healed, at the end of the course I was truly miraculously healed. God came to me and made His presence known in such a way that I had never before experienced. Now I am at peace that my babies are in Heaven with Jesus, just waiting for me to be reunited with them. And I can’t wait to see them. I don’t have to live with the pain and guilt and shame anymore. Now I can live instead with the hope for the day I’ll finally get to hold my precious little ones.”

-JR, Light Group Member

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